Date: __________

Name: __________


Please be advised that I am dissatisfied with my vehicle, a__________, bought from you on__________. It has had the following recurring problems that I believe are factory-related defects confirmed by internal service bulletins sent to dealers and covered by your “goodwill” policies:

1. ____________________________________________________________________

2. ____________________________________________________________________

3. ____________________________________________________________________

If your “goodwill” program has ended, I ask that my claim be accepted, nevertheless, inasmuch as I was never informed of your policy while it was in effect and should not be penalized for not knowing it existed.

I hereby put you formally on notice under federal and local consumer protection statutes that your refusal to apply this extended warranty coverage in my case would be an unfair warranty practice within the purview of the above cited laws.

I have enclosed several estimates (my bill) showing that this problem is factory-related and will (has) cost $___________to correct. I would appreciate you refunding me the estimated (paid) amount, failing which, I reserve the right to have the repair done elsewhere and claim reimbursement, plus consequential and punitive damage from you in court, without further delay.

A response by fax or phone within the next five (5) days would be appreciated.



Signed with telephone or fax number