1994 Ford Taurus V6-232 3.8L Copyright Alldata 1997 R49c 1-800-859-3282


SUBJECT: Forward Piston Change


DATE: 1995

Forward Piston Change

No forward or reverse engagement.
Delayed forward and/or reverse engagement.
Shifts out of gear when coming to a stop.

All of these complaints can be attributed to a cracked or broken forward clutch piston. There have been three different versions of the aluminum piston in this location (the original plus two updates). Problems with cracking still persist. A steel version of this part has been released that should prevent this from happening.

The Ford part number is F4DZ-7A262-A. The aluminum piston should always be replaced with the steel piston.

Note: The part number for the SHO forward piston is F4DZ-7A262-B.