Watch That PDI Inspection in Alberta
I just wanted to thank you for putting out such a valuable book. I used your Lemon-Aid guide to select my new vehicle and it really helped out when it came to financing the car. The dealer tried to sneak in extra insurance coverage which would have ended up costing me an extra $850.
They also tried to tell me that the PDI was done without a copy of thePDI inspection form. Even *after* I’ve gotten the PDI – I can be surethat the PDI was *not* done properly as I also got a copy of the work order and a copy of the PDI and it simply doesn’t make sense. There are 120 checks on the PDI and the work order specifies a 2 hour inspection. That’s pretty hard to believe. On top of that-the PDI clearly states that a minimum of 20km road testing must be done. My odometer when I received the vehicle was at only 13km.
I would suggest to your readers that you should not only get a signed PDI on delivery of the vehicle, but you should get a blank copy of the PDI *before* delivery to review what should be inspected. Then when the vehicle is delivered, you do not have to read through long form to see if everything was done properly.
But again-thank you *so much* for this book. It has been a real asset for me when looking for a car.
Vic, Calgary.

2006 Nissan Titan: Bad Radios
I thought I’d give you an update. Picked up my Titan LE yesterday. The purchase was very smooth, I used Carcost canada and got around $5K off, with no haggling and no time spent on negotiations (which was nice!). The dealership was Stadium Nissan in Calgary, and they were very easy to work with.
One interesting problem has cropped up already. This afternoon at around 180 kms, my stereo quit. It stopped in the middle of a song and nothing would get the radio to turn on, CD to turn on, eject, nothing.
I looked online at and found discussion of this problem among other very new owners. I disconnected and reconnected the battery, which got it working again, although all presets were obviously lost. From what I’ve read, I can expect this every 200-400 km until I get the stereo replaced with one that is not from the bad batch Nissan apparently has right now. The dealership appears to know nothing about this issue, or at least won’t admit it. Thanks again for your help!
I. T., Calgary

Ford F-150s Spit Spark Plugs
I just heard about you and your Lemon-Aid books this week, bought one and am quite impressed that such a service is available. 10 days ago, my son’s 2000 F350, with 166,000 km spit out a spark plug and stripped the threads. The Ford Service shop he took it to, said there were a couple bad years, where this happened a lot and they should have been recalled. He told my son Ryan that it would be about $4000 to fix. I called a friend of mine who is a licensed heavy duty mechanic. He came over with a new spark plug and coil and was going to screw it back in (he didn’t believe it was stripped). When he saw that it was stripped, he couldn’t believe it. He said that should never happen and suggested we get Ford to fix it. He said that Ford warranties the power train to 160,000 km, even if you are the second owner.
My son spoke with another Ford service manager in our home town the next day, and he laughed and said that he hadn’t seen one of those for 6 months – the funny thing was, there was another fellow in there the same time as my son, with the exact same problem.
I was surprised when I didn’t find anything about this in your book, since we had heard so many comments about it being common. I got on the internet and searched for “spits out spark plugs” and found tons of info. One site in particular said they had over 200 complaints on this (many of which are listed on their site). They also had an article about an attorney in California who is petitioning federal regulators to recall about 17 million Ford trucks, including F-Series trucks, because of a problem that can cause spark plugs to blow out .
The problem is the aluminum head, and not enough threads on the spark plug. From the suggestions in your book and from your website, I have decided to create a website, complete with domain and email, and submit it through to numerous search engines to further enlighten the public on this defect (and for leverage), and I have written a letter similar to your letter on page 150 of your book to send to, I assume the Ford Regional Customer Service Manager. Please correct me, if this is the wrong person to send it to. If you happen to know how I find an address for this person in Alberta, I would sure appreciate it. I plan to act quickly, as my son needs his truck for work and can neither afford the $4000 to fix it, nor the cost of a rental vehicle.
R. T., Edmonton

GM Says Trunk Leaks are Normal
I have recently experienced a problem with my 2004 Chev Silverado ¾ ton and thought you should be made aware. Basically, in the first 80,000 kms two seals in my trunk have developed leaks. The first covered on warranty the second not. See my memo of Feb 16th, attachment #1.
According to GM, see attachment #2, this is normal for a GM product. Not a very good sign for GM, know very well this is not normal. It’s one thing for GM to have a problem with seals, quite another to pass the problem on to their customers by not standing behind their product.
I will be trading in my truck this fall. I was planning to stay with Chevrolet, but following this experience I will not be buying another GM. I don’t want more normal seal leaks.
I have test drove a Titan and decided on this truck. I guess like everyone else I’m going Japanese. By not standing behind their product GM and Airdrie Pontiac have lost the $4000/5000 profit on a new truck.
I trade stocks for a living and following this experience I have shorted GM stock. Given the way they treat customers the only way this stock is going is down! As Dr. Edward Deming said and I quote “Profit in business comes from repeat customers, customers that boast about your product and service, and that bring friends with them.” GM appears to take an opposite approach. You can well imagine what I am saying about my GM truck and why I’ll never buy another.
K. S., Airdrie, Alberta