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You can buy your favorite Lemon-Aid guide from the nearest bookstores, including Chapters/Indigo, Costco, Sam’s Club, and Amazon Canada too.

If you want to save money, then you can get it from a library too.

The most important thing to note is that Lemon-Aid is not available in the USA, just like universal healthcare and state-controlled insurance.

No matter which Lemon-Aid guide you choose, it will be a combination of four books into one:

  • An annual service manual
  • A complete guide stating all defects and problems found in all vehicles manufactured for the last twenty years
  • A full archive of memos and hidden warranties which allow a user to get free repairs
  • Legal ways to get a full refund

The ratings on these guides are chosen after reviewing over 800000 user reports, safety complaints, and bulletins that the automaker has hidden from the public. The Lemon-Aid guide is the only source with a complete list of hundreds of secret warranties, or like the manufacturers like to call it, goodwill warranties for vehicles released from 1987 to 2005. Lemon-Aid details all the faults that may occur with your vehicle and how to solve them without additional cost. This guide also provides you with:

  • A confident attitude that has been developed using 30 years of experience
  • A full breakdown of features that turn out to be the main safety concerns (i.e., airbags)
  • A ten-year collection of data for crashworthiness
  • All secret warranties and memos may be used in court or during negotiations as proof you are eligible for a free repair.
  • Prices for models of vehicles
  • A dedicated section listing the best and the worst vehicles of the last thirty years
  • Legal information that will help you in court
  • List of excellent grip websites
  • About 500 pages which are easy to read


Lemon-Aid guides have been bestsellers for over three decades. It cannot be compared with other auto books on the market. The main focus of these guides is to enlighten consumers of the auto industry’s scams and secrets, including their exaggerated claims.

The guide also brings to light memos and bulletins, which automakers themselves do not admit. So, you can rest assured that you will find all the important bulletins that will not be able to back out when shown to the dealer or the automaker.

Lemon-Aid collects information and data using reviews and complaints from vehicle owners and whistleblowers. They also extract relevant information from court cases and service bulletins.

Common Faults

We at Lemon-Aid aim at finding common faults in vehicles and the wrong practices of the auto industry. We alert the users and demand from the manufacturers to extend their warranties, so the buyers do not have to suffer for their mistakes. For many years we brought to people’s attention the many problems in Chrysler, GM, and Ford engines, transmissions, intake manifold, and paint. We also decreased the rating of Honda and Toyota alike for one main reason; they started to loosen their quality control.

Lemon-Aid’s Intervention

Thanks to Lemon-Aid’s intervention, the major three Detroit manufacturers agreed to pay off thousands of individuals who have problems related to the powertrain and paint on their six years or older vehicles. They also had to extend their secret warranties and ruined their reputation as well after losing important cases in the Supreme Court and claim courts.

The latest edition of the guide which is 2006th edition compares vehicles from 1990 to 2006 in a detailed manner. This includes all cars, trucks, SUV’s and minivans released during this period. It does not end there. The guide also lists better and safer alternatives to all of these vehicles.

The guide also considers crash test results and the availability of important features such as the number of airbags etc. It also mentions performance tests and accessories included with each vehicle. You may now start to understand the amount of knowledge you have at your disposal. Combining owner complaints from local sources and the internet, surveys, crash tests, bulletins, and even the quality of service of each manufacturer help create this astonishing guide.

It can help you avoid any dangers if you are looking for a vehicle to drive. If you do get into problems, then using this guide and the hundreds of secret warranties kept hidden from you, you can get free replacements or repair, whatever seems appropriate.


The lesson to learn from all of this is that never trust any automaker. They suppress documents and data, including lost court cases which allow them to get away with faults they knew were present in their vehicles and yet release them for use by the public. The Lemon-Aid guide is here to make you aware of all those problems. With a collection of over thirty years of data and hundreds of cars, you can take the maximum number of steps to ensure an automaker does not talk you out of anything.