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Nissan Pathfinder vs. Honda Pilot
I have been struggling between the Pathfinder and Pilot. My heart wants the
Nissan, but my practical side wants the Honda.
The Pilot has more head room, more leg room for the 2nd passenger, and is
over 48" across in the back so you can lay a sheet of plywood flat (this is
very important to people in NB!). Center armrest console is awesome. Seats
are better on the Pilot, and of course the engine is smoother, but (as you
indicated in the book) it is very boring! Also does not come with standard
items like roof rack cross bars, running boards, and the 2005 doesn't even
have fog lights. The other thing that bothered me was the driver’s left
foot rest on the floor. There seems to be no room to stretch out your left
leg since the side of the wall sweeps inward. We have also found the ride
to be a bit rough when going over bumps. It drives very similar to my 98 Accord,
which has never taken the bumps as well as a Toyota would. (Too bad the
Highlander is so darned small). Lack of side curtain airbags is also
The Pathfinder on the other hand is a true "testosterone vehicle". It has the fit
and finish of a Lexus, except for the seats. It just sails over the roughest of
bumps with hardly a sound (except for the noisier engine, that is). Lots of
nice options, come standard, an awesome Bose 6 CD stereo with MP3 is the best
I've seen (well heard, actually) yet! The two glove boxes are also nice.
The fatal problem is that for such a large vehicle on the outside, it is too cramped in the 2nd seat and back to sit in. You cannot even get your toes under the front seats as they go almost completely down to the floor. As you said, 2nd, and back seats are not that
I wish I could find a Pathfinder stud to breed with a Pilot mare; the combination would be quite spectacular!
A. A., New Brunswick

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