Phil Edmonston Born in 1944, a native of Washington, D.C., trilingual (English, French and Spanish) and a graduate of Canal Zone College and Bowie State College (Maryland).

He is married and has a son, Michel. He spent three years as a US Army infantry medic (1961-64) attached to the 508th Airborne Division in Panama

One of the few Americans ever elected to the Canadian Parliament (C.D. Howe was the other American).

Phil is founder and past president for almost 20 years of the non-profit Automobile Protection Association (1968-1987), a former elected member of Consumers Union (Publisher of Consumer Reports) Board of Directors, and a colleague of Ralph Nader.

Mr. Edmonston is the author of 125 best-sellers dealing with consumer rights and the automobile industry.

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Best-sellers for over thirty years. Lemon-Aid new and used car/truck guides are unlike any other auto books on the market. Their main objective, to inform and protect consumers in an industry known for its dishonesty and exaggerated claims remains unchanged. However, these guides also focus on warranties and confidential service bulletins that automakers swear don't exist.

That's why you'll be interested in finding the exact bulletin, memo, or news clipping reproduced from the original so neither the dealer nor automaker can weasel out of doing the right thing.

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Fearless Forecasts

Phil says "NO! to auto bailout"

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Cross border Car Savings Safe for Now.
Thanks to Canadian consumer groups, thousands of consumer petitions to the government, and an intense pro-consumer cross-border shopping campaign, we beat back Canadian automakers' attempt to use Transport Canada regulations to stop Canadians from shopping for their new and used cars in the States, thereby saving up to $15,000 per vehicle.
Visit the following links where the blow-by-blow fight is detailed:
2) import thread


New car PDI and freight fees will top $1,500. more

Fuel Consumption Fantasies
The U. S. Environmental Protection Agency and Transport Canada will do some ‘restating’ of their own by year’s end. more


The full fearless forecasts text as well as the 10 Biggest Auto Myths can be found here.

Answers to the following questions can be found on the "Ask Lemonaid" page.
Can I fight GM over my intake manifold gasket repair?
Will fuel prices hit $1.25 a litre?
What about hybrids, diesel and ethanol?
Does Liberty Mutual owe you a repair refund?
Who did the Supreme Court call Canada’s insurer "from hell?"

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Corner Gas logo
CTV’s popular Corner Gas TV show featured the Lemon-Aid guide in its Road Worthy segment. In that show, Lacey seeks Brent’s ‘guy knowledge’ to help her buy a car.

NHTSA Defect “Cleansing”
In researching Toyota’s Sienna safety-related problems for the 2006-07 Lemon-Aid Used Car and Minivan guide, we discovered that the NHTSA is no longer listing all of the safety-related complaints on vehicles a few years old as it has done in the past. more

Diesel Future Sputtering
Lemon-Aid doesn’t recommend diesel cars and new information supports our contention that they are a risky buy. Within a year, diesel fuel will be reformulated to burn more cleanly, as is the case with diesel fuel sold in Europe. more

Ford Engine Intake Manifold Refunds
Ford of Canada has extended to Canadian owners free engine intake manifold repairs and an extended warranty following a protest lodged last December by Car Help Canada and Lemon-Aid.

Hybrid Hype
We don’t recommend electric and gasoline engine hybrids because their fuel economy can be 40 percent worse than the automakers report, their long-term reliability is unknown, battery replacement cost is estimated to run as high as $8,000 (U.S.)

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